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This is a blog about living in New Zealand, with a focus on exploring the outdoors, parenting, and photography. You’ll also find a few outdoor gear reviews – focusing on products that would appeal to those who love hiking, biking, and camping – thrown in for good measure.

Heliopters fighting the February 2024 Port Hills fire, Christchurch.

Port Hills Fire, Christchurch 2024

On 14th February 2024, Valentine's Day, a fire broke out on Christchurch's Port Hills. The next morning I took a few photos before work.
Photos stuck syncing in Lightroom Classic

Photos Stuck Syncing in Lightroom Classic? Here’s the Fix

Photos stuck syncing in Lightroom Classic? Here's a fix I found to clear those photos and finally see a clear sync queue once more.
Picture Takashima Jacket Review

Review of the Picture Takashima Jacket

Considering a light-to-midweight insulated jacket for mild-to-cold weather hiking? Read my review of the Picture Takashima first.
Family at a waterfall in New Zealand's South Island

Best Family Friendly Waterfalls of Mid-South Island New Zealand

A few of the best family-friendly waterfalls of Canterbury and the West Coast through the middle of the South Island of New Zealand.
Garmin 66i GPS Device

Why I chose a Garmin 66i inReach GPS device

I wanted an SOS device to give me two-way communication while out hiking in New Zealand. This is why I chose a Garmin 66i inReach GPS device.
Garmin 66i GSP device showing NZ Topo 50 maps

How to add NZ topo maps to a Garmin GPS device (for free)

If you have a Garmin GPS device in New Zealand, then check out this method to download and install free NZ Topo 50 maps to your device.
Peak Design Capture Clip v3 Backpack Clip

Peak Design Capture Clip v3 Review

If you're looking for a camera clip for a backpack or belt, don't look past the best of the bunch; the Peak Design Capture Clip v3.
Macpac Rain Cover Sizes

Macpac Waterproof Pack Cover Sizing

I ended up with three Macpac waterproof pack raincovers thanks to sizing which didn't quite fit my expectations, so I've put them all to the test here.

Identify Peaks with the PeakFinder App

Looking for an app to help you identify peaks while out hiking and climbing? The PeakFinder app uses AR to great effect. Watch the video.